Mission: Musicfest Windsor is a non-profit music festival that promotes and celebrates creativity through artistic expression, community engagement and musical leadership.

Goals & Objectives:

  • MusicFest Windsor strives to provide an opportunity for students and educators across Southwestern Ontario to share their musical achievements through a performance venue.

  • Performing groups are offered constructive criticism through an educational method of enhancing the experience of all participants.

  • We promote and encourage the study of Canadian music to allow young musicians to become aware of our own Canadian music culture in all its diverse applications.

  • To complement and enhance the educational outcome for all students and their teachers;

  • To foster and promote a lifelong interest in music as a basic human experience.

MusicFest Windsor Committee Members:

  • Grant Bergeron

  • Bernadette Berthelotte

  • Lorraine Capel-Cure

  • Sondra Chaif

  • Patti Hopper

  • Amiee Poirier

  • Rebecca Quick

  • Dean Valentino

  • Keith Williamson